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BREAKING: Scheana Shay Lies About Husbands Disappearance; Desperate For Attention!

It’s been a confusing week to say the least so far, but things are starting to come into the light.

As Vanderpump Rules season 5 premiered on Monday, a star of the show, Scheana Marie, said that her husband Mike had disappeared on her, and drained all of the money out of their joint banking account that they shared together after she decided to cancel his credit cards.


According to Scheana, she cancelled the cards, because she feared the worst, saying that Mike may have suffered a relapse.

As we all know, Mike’s struggles were well-documented on last season of Vanderpump Rules, and the future was looking bright for he and Scheana, as he was apparently sober.

That’s why this news came as such a shock, but somewhat believable — given Mike’s past issues with substance abuse.


Things got a lot more interesting when comedian and reality television junky, Nicole Arbour, stated that it was a lie concocted by Scheana in a sad attempt to get some attention.

Nicole even went on to say that she was contacted by Scheana, being asked if she would aid Scheana in spreading the lie, and that it may even result in a spinoff show, in which Nicole could then be a part of.


All of this is very interesting, but Bravo fans were still left wondering what in the hell is actually going on here.

Is Scheana lying for attention? Would she go so low that she would fake her own husband’s relapse for publicity?

Is Nicole full of crap, and just trying to stir the pot a little bit?

Well, we now have an answer, and it comes from Mike Shay himself, who says that he was NEVER missing — updating his social media account with this picture:


Mike added this caption alongside the photo:

I am not missing. I am sober. I am Happy!!! Don’t believe everything you read. I love my wife and will always love my wife. Whatever is going on between us will stay between us! I love my family and my family loves me and a lot of things have been said out is protection and anger by many people. I just ready for the next chapter in my life!

Basically, Mike and Scheana are currently having a disagreement, which resulted in him leaving the house to stay with his family, and Scheana took the opportunity to garner some attention for herself.

This is extremely disgusting, and just like Nicole Arbour said, karma is definitely going to come back around and bite Scheana right in her ass.

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