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BREAKING: Put Her In Jail! Thomas Ravenel Files Papers To Have Kathryn Dennis Arrested!

The custody battle between Southern Charm stars, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel is definitely starting to heat up, and it’s only getting hotter by the day.

It seems like every single day we’re posting something new on this couple, and it’s usually not a good thing, especially on Kathryn’s part.

After all, we revealed yesterday that Kathryn barely spent anytime with her kids over Memorial Day weekend, and left her cancer stricken mother to babysit them.

In case you didn’t know, Kathryn has absolutely no visitation rights, and Thomas was allowing her, out of the kindness of his heart, to spend a weekend with the kids, and Kathryn just blew them off.

Now, RadarOnline is reporting that Thomas wants Kathryn behind bars as soon as possible!

We knew that Thomas had filed papers against Kathryn, saying that she violated a gag order, but now the whole story is coming out, and it’s not looking good for Kathryn.

Thomas is accusing Kathryn of making “false accusations, insinuations, and derogatory statements,” against him.

He has also come out saying that Kathryn is “flagrantly,” “willfully,” and “intentionally,” going against court orders, as she released medical records, and has stated that she failed a drug test, which was meant to be kept under wraps.

Thomas asked the judge to find her in contempt of court, and he even suggested that he punish her with “incarceration.”

Kathryn did sign some forms in court that forbid her from releasing certain info, and he warned her:

Defendant knows that if she fails to comply with the Orders and/or this Agreement that she may be subject to jail, a fine and/or community service.

The former couple continue to battle it out over custody of the children, and will meet again in court later in the year.

In the mean time, things have gotten quite nasty, as Kathryn talks major smack about Thomas, while trying to paint a pretty picture for herself.

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  • spydie

    Come on Thomas, arresting the mother of his children !! Thomas, you’re a big mouthed bully who is used to getting his own way at the expense of others. Katherine was an extremely young girl that Thomas took advantage of. Now he is way older and can bury her in legal briefs, this is not becoming for a founding family of Charleston. Katherine, I have tried to offer advise, I’m a single parent. You can not fight with Thomas in his relationship, you will loose. You must fight him with logic and for goodness sakes, stop giving him ammunition against you.! Hire a good attorney & listen to what they tell you. That is the only way you can keep your kids.

    • Ang Kev

      Why can’t some people see her as the snake in the grass that she really is and has ALWAYS been?! And wtf does Craig always stand up for her?! Maybe they had/have a thing going on!! She is a complete psychopath and thinks that every female that has come in contact with Thomas has slept with him, when in fact, she has slept with just about every male on the show! I believe that she purposely got pregnant because she thought she would be able to trap Thomas and her plan has backfired! Shep and Whitney have really got thank their lucky stars it wasn’t either of them! Could you imagine Shep with a kid?! And Patricia would be furious, especially has much as she dislikes Katherine! Maybe Craig will end up with her! She is SCUM!

      • Shanna Wood

        You know her personally?

      • Teresa Stone

        This entire article is fake news, such bullshit

    • Millie Guzman

      She was, is and always be a druggy, let’s get real. She wanted to live the rest of her days as a queen in Thomas’ castle and she would’ve had that life if only she wasn’t such an irresponsible selfish selfishshsh person.
      And then the drugs. And now she cries when she sees the affect that this has on her kids and
      But this was her choice. She chose ME… And could care less for her children.
      SHE is responsible for her life.
      Instead of becoming a good person for her kids now, she’s just as selfish, if not more.
      Actions speak louder than words.