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Bravo Announces Huge Lineup of New & Returning Shows!!

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Today is probably the biggest day of the year for Bravo fans. We found out what Bravo’s 2014 lineup will look like and there’s just so much breaking news I hardly know where to start! In one fell swoop, Bravo shared with fans a list of their new series in production and development (both unscripted AND scripted) as well as filling us in on the shows which are getting picked up for returning seasons this year.

First, let me fill you in on which familiar shows have been renewed. Some of these we already knew about and for others this is our first official confirmation. And then, of course, the omissions are telling, too.

Below DeckSeason 2. Not a surprise. We learned it would be picked up immediately after Season 1 wrapped.

Million Dollar Listing Los AngelesSeason 7. Also not a surprise. Read about the announcement here.

Top ChefSeason 12. Got this confirmation already, too. Casting started in February…read more here.

The Millionaire MatchmakerSeason 8. Hadn’t heard this one yet! Season 7 hasn’t even wrapped yet so I haven’t done too much research into ratings and whatnot but it’s obviously doing well. Guess Patti’s new crew has been popular.

The Real Housewives of AtlantaSeason 7. This is the first official confirmation of renewal but, of course, no big surprise here. Season 6 is about to wrap and the Atlanta ladies have been holding their own as the most-watched Housewives city.

The Real Housewives of New JerseySeason 6. No surprise. I wish they would have given us a hint about when it would be premiering though! RHONJ Season 6 will return with a very different cast.

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsSeason 5. This is the first official confirmation of renewal but is to be expected. Read about casting change rumors for Season 5 here.

Shahs of SunsetSeason 4. First official confirmation here but I figured we’d be seeing more of the Shahs in 2014. Stay tuned for any updates on casting and premiere rumors!

Vanderpump RulesSeason 3. Didn’t have official word on this one until now either but it was all but confirmed by Andy Cohen as well as some of the cast. With Stassi living in NYC, here’s my predictions for what Pump Rules Season 3 might look like.

Don’t Be Tardy…Season 3. Well, we were hoping for a big reveal when Kim Zolciak appeared on WWHL a couple weeks ago but no such luck until now! At least we had it right that Season 3 would be announced soon!

Fashion QueensSeason 3. Yay!

NewlywedsSeason 2 and Season 3. Ok, so we knew about Season 2…but wow, announcing Season 3 before Season 2 even airs?!?! As far as I know that’s pretty much unheard of for a Bravo series. I wonder what this means?? Perhaps Season 3 will feature the same cast as Season 2 but in their second year of marriage? That’s the only thing I can think of for why they’d announce production on both at the same time. I think there was a lot of demand for another season with the Season 1 cast but since Bravo cameras hadn’t been following them through their 2nd year of marriage I guess that just wasn’t possible. We shall see!!!

Thicker Than WaterSeason 2. First word on this one and just as I predicted, our friends Ben, Jewel and the rest of the Tankard family will be back again in 2014!

Blood, Sweat and HeelsSeason 2. This is news, too but I predicted they’d be returning.

Watch What Happens Live. Woohoo!!

Ok, so I wasn’t too surprised at much with this batch of announcements. We either already had confirmation for these or had been able to predict renewal thanks to ratings success. What is perhaps more noteworthy are some of the glaring omissions from the announcement. First and foremost, I’m looking at The Real Housewives of Miami. You may have noticed that RHOA, RHONJ & RHOBH were all announced above. And, we already know that RHOC is back as it’s premiering next week. And, RHONY is only a few episodes in and, if renewed, would not be premiering again until 2015. That leaves only RHOM up in the air. Last year when Bravo made it’s big programming announcement similar to this one, Miami was confirmed at that point. So, either Bravo is as yet undecided about the fate of RHOM or it’s not returning.

The lack of confirmation here probably also means it’s definitely the end of the line for many of the past year’s new series including Courtney Loves Dallas, The New Atlanta, Eat, Drink Love, Toned Up, Princesses: Long Island, Property Envy, and 100 Days of Summer. As far as longer running shows that don’t appear to have made the 2014 cut we can include Tabatha Takes Over, Top Chef Masters, Chef Roble & Co, It’s a Brad, Brad World and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. And, even though we pretty much knew it already, looks like we’re saying an official goodbye to The Rachel Zoe Project.

Let’s take a moment of silence to say our goodbyes.

Ok! On to more good news! As stated above, Bravo also announced their new projects currently in production or development. Some of these we’ve already been expecting and others are brand new news to us. Here’s what we can look forward to soon on Bravo:

Bravo’s New Scripted Series

Personally, I’m super excited to see what Bravo can bring to the scripted series game! Don’t get me wrong, I love reality TV with my whole heart but this is like opening a whole new door to Bravo fandom!

Odd Mom Out. 
Produced by Left/Right with Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver serving as Executive Producers along with Jill Kargman, and Piro Vision’s Tim Piper and Daniel Rosenberg.

Forget about keeping up with the Joneses, in acclaimed author and celebrated fashionista Jill Kargman’s world, life is about keeping up with the Rockefellers.  This hilarious half-hour comedy, based not-so-loosely on Jill’s own life, captures the fantastically outrageous world of the uber-wealthy momzillas of New York’s Upper East Side. Playing a version of herself, Jill is living in a world that has become so elite, so hip, and so trendy, that she’s now the odd mom out.

This is the first I’m hearing about Odd Mom Out. Last year at this time Bravo announced 3 scripted projects in development but it looks like only one of them: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, is still in the works.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
Produced by Universal Cable Productions with Marti Noxon, who wrote the pilot, Vicki Iovine, Meryl Poster and Robbie Duncan McNeil serving as Executive Producers.

We heard Bravo had been making progress on this one earlier this year but it sounds like a premiere date is still a ways off–sometime in 2015.

Based on the best-selling Girlfriends’ Guide book series by Vicki Iovine, the scripted series written by Marti Noxon (GleeMad MenBuffy the Vampire Slayer), follows Abby, played by Lisa Edelstein (House), a self-help book author who hides the fact that she’s separated from her husband, as she starts to navigate her life as a single woman in her early 40s in Los Angeles. As previously announced, the series also stars Janeane Garofalo (Reality Bites) as Lyla and Beau Garrett (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior) as Phoebe. The network now confirms, Necar Zadegan (Emily Owens, MD24) will star in the new role of Delia and Robert Duncan McNeill (666 Park AvenueChuck) has signed on as Producing Director for the series, which is slated to begin production this summer. Paul Adelstein played the role of Abby’s husband in the pilot and Carrie Fisher made a cameo as Abby’s book editor Cat in the pilot.

Bravo’s New Unscripted Series

Top Chef Duels

Previously announced as Top Chef Extreme, this new culinary competition series hosted by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, brings back eighteen of the biggest, boldest and most talked-about personalities from past seasons of Top Chef and Top Chef Masters’ past seasons. In each episode, two former Cheftestants will face off head-to-head in three rounds of extreme culinary challenges, each being given the chance to up the ante and challenge the other’s culinary skills. The winners of each battle will compete in the season finale in a test of pure gastronomic talent and ambition until only one is standing to claim the $100,000 grand prize and culinary bragging rights. Curtis Stone will also anchor the judges table with Gail Simmons, while chefs Wolfgang Puck and Hugh Acheson and special guests will round out the judging panel throughout the series.

Best New Restaurant

This one was announced as in development under the working title America’s Best Restaurant as of this time last year but it looks like now it’s finally ready to go.

A new out-of-studio culinary competition series that tackles the food world from a fresh direction: the restaurant. Acclaimed restaurateur and host, Tom Colicchio, along with his trusted team of experts, pit 16 of the nation’s hottest new restaurants against each other in a series of challenges aimed at determining who provides the best all-around, top-to-bottom experience. Tom will travel across the nation in search of only one restaurant that deserves a cash prize and to be crowned “Best New Restaurant.” The series is modeled after the UK hit “Ramsay’s Best Restaurant” from executive producer Gordon Ramsay.

100 Dates (working title)

100 Dates follows a group of young, successful New York singles as they search for love and live it up in the city that never sleeps. Marking the network’s first foray into real-time docu-drama production, each episode will be shot and aired within the same week. This addictive series takes transmedia to the next level as fans will be able to interact with the cast and affect the story in ways that have never been seen through social media.

Friends to Lovers?

We heard about this one earlier this year.

A true social experiment exploring what happens when platonic friends leave the comfort of the ‘friend zone’ behind and transition into exclusive romantic relationships. Friends to Lovers? attempts to answer the age old question, can friends really become lovers, as it follows multiple sets of friends who take a leap of faith and decide to take their relationships to the next level.

Manzo’d with Children

This one has, of course, been highly anticipated since it was announced after RHONJ Season 5 wrapped last year. No word yet about a premiere date, though! We also heard Lauren Manzo’s wedding could be featured in Season 2, should the show get picked up!

Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey attempts to be the ring leader of her crazy Italian family. Her children are driving her more nuts than ever as Albie is single and ready to mingle, Chris is eager to come up with the best idea since the stripper/car wash, and Lauren has finally let Vito put a ring on it. Meanwhile, husband, Al Sr., has no tolerance for all these shenanigans. It’s one crowded house filled with laughter and personality…and maybe a few rounds of the Ham Game.

Here’s our first look:

Euros of Hollywood

With personalities as big as their native countries, six successful European jetsetters are taking Los Angeles by storm. From an Albanian pop princess determined to conquer America her way, to a self-dubbed Italian Renaissance man whose personality screams “I’m a star,” these men and women are stopping at nothing on their rise to the top. With their hearts on their sleeves, they have a few things in common— the pursuit of wealth, power, fame and the American dream.

Ladies of London, Premiering June

This is another one we heard about last year but I kept wondering when it might premiere. Well, we finally have our answer and it’s JUNE! We’ll keep you posted when we hear about an actual premiere date.

Set in the glittering, class-conscious city of London, the docu-series follows a group of elite British socialites, Annabelle Neilson and Caroline Stanbury along with American expats Juliet Angus, Caprice Bourret, Marissa Hermer and Noelle Reno who all run in similar social circles, but are worlds apart. From weekend getaways in the English countryside, to high tea at one of London’s exclusive polo-clubs, both groups adhere to strict unwritten rules of engagement where reputation is everything.

Watch a preview:

Game of Crowns, Premiering July

This one was announced last year.

Six pageant wives compete on the “Mrs.” pageant circuit to snatch the spotlight with their intense preparation from obsessing over the perfect swimsuit to honing their interview skills—all while being dedicated mothers and wives. The cast includes Susanna Paliotta, Shelley Carbone, Lynne Diamante, Vanassa Sebastian, Leha Guilmette, and Lori-Ann Marchese.

Check it out:

Million Dollar Listing Miami, Premiering June

We heard about this one last year but now know it’s coming in June! We’ll be on the lookout for premiere date info!

The hit franchise is expanding into the sexy city of Miami where three luxury agents, Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt, battle it out in the world of high-end real estate. With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before. Business can get heated as the brokers attempt to make a name for themselves and outshine their competition by landing the next big listing.

Jersey Belle

A classic fish-out-of-water tale, this docu-series follows outspoken New Jersey native and Hollywood publicist, Jaime Primak Sullivan, as she navigates life in the upscale southern suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama. Jaime’s life was turned upside down after she married the town’s “most eligible” bachelor. Despite the help of her girlfriends, who are determined to sculpt Jaime into a southern darling, Jaime can’t help but speak her mind—often to hilarious results. Can Jaime keep her Jersey cool in the Deep South, or will her southern-bred BFFs finally turn her into a true-blue Alabama belle?

Untying the Knot, Premiering June

We heard about this one last year under the title Divorce Diva. June is shaping up to be a big month for Bravo premieres! We’ll keep you posted when we hear about the premiere date for this one too.

When couples go from “I do” to “I don’t,” Vikki Ziegler is who they call to mediate, advise and divide their assets out of court.  Each episode features a different divorcing couple struggling to divvy up their belongings that range from dazzling diamonds to the family pets. Why let a judge decide your fate when this “Divorce Diva” can cut through all the drama to determine who will get what?

Extreme Guide to Parenting, Premiering July

This one was also announced last year.

From spoiling and severe punishments to helicopter and new age methods, this is parenting at its most extreme.  Each episode gives a candid look at two different households with very unique styles of raising their children – and each family strongly believes their methods are superior.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding (working title)

We JUST heard that Kandi would be getting a wedding spinoff after she and Todd tied the knot April 4. No word yet about a premiere date unfortunately.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. Against vocal family opposition that played out dramatically in season six of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and Todd have decided to move forward and tie the knot. Each episode follows Kandi and Todd as they plan a larger-than-life Coming to America-themed wedding ceremony, signifying the couple’s initial introduction in Africa.

Bravo’s Unscripted Development Projects

Going Going Gone (working title)

A never-before-attempted live televised estate sale where viewers are given the chance to snoop around the most spectacular homes in the country and bid LIVE on what’s inside! From a hand-sewn peacock feather dress modeled by Naomi Campbell at Milan Fashion Week to a stunning worn leather knife roll used by Wolfgang Puck at the time he opened his first Spago, at home viewers will have the opportunity to own some truly unique treasures.

Tour Group (working title)

This luxury travel docu-series will follow a diverse group of upscale characters on a mind-blowing vacation through the most stunning, eclectic and exclusive sights and scenes around the globe. With such vibrant and varied personalities forced together in alien environments for two months, this dream holiday could be just that as some might find love under the pink light of the Taj Mahal, or turn into a nightmare for others as the furs fly in seven star resorts from Dubai to the Maldives. One thing is for certain, from Safari in Kenya to the Souks of Morocco, this will be the ride of a lifetime.

Gen XYZ (working title)

Six ambitious and successful women from four different generations are each on the precipice of taking their career to the next level in the fashion and beauty industries.  While working to navigate the delicate balance between their personal and professional realities and aspirations, these trail blazers are grappling with what “having it all” really looks like for women of today in the cutthroat fashion industry.


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    • Linda Kahlenbeck

      You can pick and choose whatever you want to watch. I do like Tabatha, but her show gets boring, it is same old, same old thing over and over. She goes to a salon, checks it out, gets the keys, makes changes, remodels, everything fixed. You already know what’s going to happen each show. Boring!

      • 95KIPPIE .

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    Not only does Bravo inundate the lineup with the multitude of Housewife shows now we also have what is beginning to seem like a never ending list of spinoff’s from those shows. Really Bravo is there no creative team on the payroll. At least with Tabatha Takes Over someone will benefit from her show and nobody benefits from the backstabbing and lies that are precipitated on most of the shows on Bravo’s lineup.

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    I am so, so tired of seeing the Housewives of ANYWHERE!! Am I supposed too feel sorry for all the super spoiled rich bitches??
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