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BREAKING: LeAnn Rimes & Joanna Krupa Hired A Convicted Felon To Harass Brandi Glanville!

Well, things haven’t settled down between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes, no matter what anyone would like to think.

First of all, it’s been learned that Glanville stopped following LeAnn on all of her social media accounts, and now it looks like we know why.

The owner of the website, Bullyville, has released a statement, saying he knows why Glanville stopped following LeAnn on her accounts.

Court documents have now been made public, and you can read the “testimony of a convicted felon, Brandon King, who admitted on the record that he was hired by Leann to allegedly stalk and harass people online.”

James McGibney, owner of the site mentioned above, went on to say:

Brandon King is a convicted felon who was hired by the Spina Law Firm out of New Jersey. We heard through some back channels that the Spina law firm hired Brandon to troll celebrities online. Until I got my hands on that transcript, it was pretty hard to prove that he worked for them.

This guy is the worst of the worst. (An) alleged child abuser, alleged woman abuser, alleged convicted felon, etc……why on earth would Leann Rimes hire someone like this?

If you want to read the documents for yourself, you can do so by going here.

It should be noted that King admits to having a contract with LeAnn Rimes, and also one with Joanna Krupa.

Since this info became available, Brandi unfollowed LeAnn on all social media profile.

Can you imagine how desperate someone has to be to hire an internet bully?

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  • Eds Mistress

    For to long Leann Rimes has gotten away with her disgusting acts. Now the whole world knows that she put her step children in danger by hiring a dangerous felon to harass the children’s mother. I sincerely hope she is arrested and convicted. Brandis sons should not be around this deranged woman