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Bravo Showing The Olympics Is An Idiotic Idea

As we all know, Bravo has dedicated their channel to nothing but the Olympics for the time being, which means that all of the shows we love to watch are gone with the wind for the time being, which is like spitting in the face of Bravoholics across the globe.

Here’s all the different options you have to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics:

TV Channels Showing The Olympics:

Golf Channel
NBC Sports Network (NBCSN)
NBC UNIVERSO (Spanish language)
TELEMUNDO (Spanish language)
USA Network

And there’s also tons of different ways to watch the 2016 Olympics online.

Even downloading the official live streaming apps for the network channels above will allow you to stream the Olympics online.

So, why the hell did Bravo need to throw their name in the hat?

When looking at the list, Bravo sticks out like a sore thumb.

Let me ask you this:

When you watch Bravo, what do you expect to see?

When you watch E!, what do you expect to see?

When you watch TLC, what do you expect to see?

When you watch MTV, what do you expect to see? (Sorry, but they jumped the reality bandwagon awhile back)

Now, do you see where I’m going with these questions? You don’t tune to any of the above channels to watch the Olympics, and that’s a fact.

What is Bravo thinking? Do they not know their audience? Why are their spitting in the faces of viewers?

It’s all cool and all to watch the Olympics, and show support for your country, athletes from around the world, and all that jazz, but there’s plenty of other stations out there to watch the Olympics on, and Bravo doesn’t need to be one of them.

It’s like Bravo wants to cancel The Real Housewives of New Jersey

This is especially true, considering the fact that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is struggling for viewership right now.

Bravo thought that #RHONJ would return to the same numbers that the show was able to rake in before Teresa went to prison.

However, now that the show’s back on air, it’s flopped…. in a horrible, horrible way.

Going on a 2-year hiatus, and trying to build suspense for the premiere of the new season didn’t work in Bravo’s favor, and now they’re putting the show on another break.

teresa giudice stupid bitch

Fans certainly aren’t happy with Bravo deciding to air the Olympics right now, either.

In a simple Twitter poll, I was able to figure out what your viewers wanted, Bravo, and it’s obvious that they wanted to watch your original content / programming. Shocking, I know /sarcasm.  😛

In other words, Bravo:

kevin bacon fuck you tremors

But, we’ll find it in our hearts to forgive you, as soon as our shows are back!  😉

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  • Michael

    I doubt it was the Bravo scheduler who made the decision to show the Olympics. All the networks you listed, airing the games are owned by NBC/UNI, who probably ordered them to run the 2016 Rio games so they could get back the $1.23 billion dollars they paid for the exclusive rights to broadcast the games.