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Bravo Producers WARN Shannon Beador! “Your Weight Gain Is Out Of Control!”

I have a feeling the social justice warrior crew is going to have a field day with Bravo after this one!

Apparently, Real Housewives of Orange County star, Shannon Beador, is being body shamed by Bravo producers, as they told her that she is becoming obese.


Shannon has made it known on the show that she’s noticed her weight gain, and she’s doing what she can to combat the situation, but a source close to production has come forward and said that Bravo producers actually stepped in and warned her about the whole situation:

Producers have approached Shannon about her weight gain. They told her that she is becoming obese, and that she needs to lose the weight.

Shannon made it clear early on in the season that she was working on losing the excess weight, and even hosted a Facebook live event, in an attempt at gaining some weight loss inspiration.

Unfortunately, broadcasting her training sessions with her trainer didn’t pan out for too long, and she then took to complaining on social media about her new figure.

Another source close to Shannon opened up about the weight gain, saying that they believe they know the reason behind the recent weight gain:

Those close to Shannon believe that she is stress eating — due to all of the abuse allegations about David coming to the surface. She needs to bring her emotional eating under control, because production is watching.

What do you think about Bravo calling Shannon out on her weight gain?

Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Rose

    Come on now, leave the poor woman alone. I thought we’re not supposed to “body shame”? I’m sure it’s hormones, menopause, whatever. That’s just not nice! I’m 59, so I know it’s tough! Stress can cause either weight gain or loss, and so can hormones. Let’s all be nice!

  • Just me Meme

    Shannon shames the women all the time by calling them names and that is no different than her being shamed for gaining the weight. She is getting bigger and bigger all the time. I think it’s funny that she has all that money and can’t get her weight under control. Might shut up now.
    She’s not all that so do something about it instead of running your mouth and shaming Vicki or Kelly.

    • Judy Hilbert Palmer

      I don’t know what show you are watching, but it’s not Shannon that is the name caller! It’s Vicki and Kelly! What the hell is wrong with you? You don’t remember the filthy names Kelly called a few women in the Chinese restaurant?
      And Vicki constantly going after everyone and to the point of saying, the gloves are coming off, I’m going to punish then? Her own daughter says she fights dirty and will make things up to hurt someone??? You are a moron!!

      • Just me Meme

        I am watching the same show as you lol. My comment was from a year ago but I think Shannon still sucks on this show. She is an attention seeker and needs confirmation that she is liked or loved, non stop. I mean please give it a break. As far as your ? In regards to what the hell is wrong with me. I have an answer. Not one single thing. Let me make myself clear to you for reasons that you don’t know me and you better double check yourself on how you speak to me. This comment I posted is my opinion and you can disagree with me and that’s fine but I am certainly not on here to be called name such as Moron from you. Agree to disagree or maybe you should just keep it moving along then. Be thankful I follow the rules of this site, maybe you should reread them.

  • Amye

    I feel awful for Shannon! Weight gain is bad enough, let alone with it being talked about ON TV, and then to have it threaten your job??? Shout out to you Shannon! You are the only housewife that I feel I relate to. Plug on BEAUTIFUL! Don’t let the “system ” bring you down…..man! (70’s speak)

  • Anna Ostby

    Even eating healthy and moving your body may not be enough changes seem to kick in starting with perimenopause and when women enter full menopause it can get even worse add to that stress , eating right and exercise sometimes have to be tweaked for the body to respond , besides does bravo feel that only modelesque women are acceptable if so that’s disgusting and this is why so many women in the entertainment industry have eating disorders studios and management start picking on them when they are preteens and destroying lives ,

  • Chezza49

    No offence to Shannon but I don’t want to see a fat housewive !!

  • Chezza49

    Shannons got more problems than her weight !! Her attitude for one and keeping a tight on on her husband !!