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Bravo Announces Real Housewives All-Stars Edition!


Happy April Fools Day 2014 everybody!  We hope you enjoyed our little prank this year.  Maybe Bravo will make this a reality some day, who knows!

EXCLUSIVE: Bravo TV has the ultimate Housewives experience in the works. Real Housewives All-Stars Edition is coming and it’s taking the network’s flagship franchise to a whole new level. In a statement released the morning of April 1, Bravo announced this latest addition to the Housewives lineup and included a few thoughts from Andy Cohen, who will be executive producing the new show:

“I couldn’t be more excited to be finally sharing this exciting news with all of you, the loyal Housewives fans who made it all possible! After years of negotiations and planning, Real Housewives All-Stars Edition will be the culmination of every Housewives city and season leading up to this moment. I launched my production company, Most Talkative, with the primary intent of bringing this revolutionary Housewives experience to Bravo and, here’s what– it’s going to be epic.”

So, what exactly is Real Housewives All-Stars Edition? Will it be like watching an episode of Game of Thrones? Well, the network describes it as the natural progression of the Housewives franchise for the modern world. With today’s communication technology and jet-set lifestyles, the wealthiest Americans are no longer restricted to their immediate geographical location when it comes to building social networks. So, it makes sense for The Real Housewives to go beyond the confines of their individual cities and communities and interact on a national scale. Bravo has selected an elite group of the most popular Housewives, one from each installment, who will come together to create a completely new dynamic as the women travel the country, and the globe, as a group.


And, boy, the network isn’t exaggerating when they call this group of women All-Stars! The cast of the upcoming special new series will be:

Lisa Vanderpump, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson, The Real Housewives of Orange County

Ramona Singer, The Real Housewives of New York City

Teresa Giudice(*), The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Joanna Krupa, The Real Housewives of Miami

NeNe Leakes, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

That’s right, Housewives fans, Bravo has assembled some of the most popular, iconic, beloved, loved-to-hate, hot-headed Housewives in franchise history into one mindblowingly-awesome super group. We hear that things got pretty catty when word got out within Housewives circles of casting for the new show. According to a series insider, “Everyone wanted in and many took the final casting decisions very personally. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some major uproar in the media after today. Some scorned ‘wives might even quit Bravo altogether.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 2.56.48 PM

Each of the women who did make the final cut will host the rest of the group in their home town for two episodes, where the group will be invited to interact with other Housewives from that city at various events. The group will also take two international vacations to as-yet undisclosed locations around the world. Bravo cameras will capture the women as they get better acquainted and manage their businesses and families, often long-distance. The show’s first episode will be available to stream online for free.

*Teresa’s participation is, of course, pending the results of her July 8 fraud case sentencing. She will be replaced by sister-in-law Melissa Gorga if needed. BravoWatch reached out to Melissa Gorga for a comment on being Teresa’s “understudy” and this is what she had to say: “My family and I are, of course, praying for Teresa and Joe as well as their daughters during this difficult time. No matter what happens Joe and I will be there for them in whatever way we can. And, just in case, I’ve already made arrangements to be available for All-Stars and am working on my latest single ‘The All Star I was Always Meant to Be’ for a release date to coincide with the premiere.”

Along with details of the All-Stars premise, Bravo released brief statements from several of the new cast members regarding their participation:

“I am THE Housewives All-Star, hunni! Who else is going to keep these ladies in line? Bloop!” – NeNe Leakes

“I’m just glad I won’t have to be stuck in Miami all the time anymore to be on Housewives.” – Joanna Krupa

“Woohooo Housewives All-Stars!! Now I’ll get the chance to pee on beds all across the country and the world!” – Vicki Gunvalson

“I’ll be bringing plenty of Xanax everywhere we go, in case anyone needs one. And pinot.” – Ramona Singer

With personalities like these, The Real Housewives All-Stars Edition is sure to be anything but dull! It will be interesting to see what alliances and rivalries form within this group. RHOM’s Marysol Patton as well as former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi and former RHONY star Jill Zarin all attended NeNe Leakes’ wedding last year which leads me to believe she may not be too friendly with their on-show rivals Joanna Krupa, Vicki Gunvalson and Ramona Singer. And, perhaps she’ll feel some Dancing With the Stars rivalry with Lisa Vanderpump? We also know that Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville are in the midst of a cross-coast feud but not sure at this point if that will help or hurt Joanna’s chances of cozying up to Lisa. And, as we mentioned above, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Teresa Giudice to see where she (or Melissa) will be fitting in to this group!


Real Housewives All-Stars Edition will be unlike anything ever seen on Bravo and is sure to impact the future of the franchise, the network and Reality TV as a whole. Production for this revolutionary new series is set to begin this summer and is expected to take at least six months due to the national and international filming schedule. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we know more but at this point we’re expecting a premiere date in about a year–possibly even April 1, 2015.

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