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Bravo Announces New Series: Friends to Lovers?

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Today, Bravo Media announced that they’re greenlighting a new hour-long docu-series: “Friends to Lovers?” The new show will explore what happens when real-life friends decide to take their relationships to the next level. Calling it a “true social experiment”, Bravo cameras will follow multiple sets of friends as they transition into exclusive romantic relationships. Scheduled to premiere later this year, “Friends to Lovers?” will attempt to answer the age old question, can friends really become lovers? We’re told not to expect every couple to make it to happily ever after but we’ll get to see it all from the first kiss, to the first fight and even the first ‘morning after’ sleepover.

I’m reminded of one of my all-time favorite movies: When Harry Met Sally. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were at their finest in this Rob Reiner classic. If you haven’t seen it (you should), they play quirky long-term friends who eventually cross the romance line and it nearly ends their relationship altogether. It’s a romantic comedy, though, so no worries…this friends-to-lovers story does have a happy ending! I realize, of course, that I’m telling you about a fictional movie and this new Bravo series will follow real-life couples. But, if “Friends to Lovers?” has even one story that’s half as endearing as Harry and Sally’s, I know I’ll be hooked!

“’Friends to Lovers?’ is a guaranteed roller coaster ride that will make you cringe from awkwardness one second while having you believing in true love the next,” said Lara Spotts, Vice President of Development, Bravo Media. “With real stakes, drama and romance, these couples’ journeys will continue to keep our savvy viewers engaged and guessing whether these twosomes are meant to be lovers or to remain just friends.”

Throughout the season, each couple will have their own unique obstacles to overcome and will be forced to confront their old ways and bad dating habits with the hope of establishing a new successful romantic relationship.  With excitement and uncertainty, these couples will chronicle it all from the embarrassing to the romantic and all of the bumpy moments in between.  In the end, find out which friendships will be forever ruined and which couples will find true love in their best friend.

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