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Brandi Glanville Says Bye Bye to RHOBH

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 5

A series regular since Season 2, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is bowing out for Season 6. In a statement during her podcast Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered, Brandi confirmed the rumors of her departure:

“After a lot of careful thought and deliberation I have decided not to return to RHOBH as a full time cast member this season. The past 4 years have been amazing, a complete roller coaster of a ride. I will always be thankful to Bravo for the opportunities that have come along with doing this pop culture phenomenon of a show. In the meantime, I’m working hard on my podcast, my new wine business and my clothing line. And keep an eye out for my next adventure that will show everyone a more well-rounded side of who I really am.”

About Bravo, she went on to say “I mean, they’ve been awesome. And Bravo will always be my family. Like Andy [Cohen] said, ‘It’s the mafia, you never really get to leave us.’ They’ve been so great to me. And if I’m available and they need me, they know how to find me. We’ll see. But I’m excited about what the future holds…It’s just been a great four years, and I’m just really excited for what’s next. And like I said, it’s always gonna be my family. So I’ll see ya when I see ya, peeps.”

Her statement sure makes it sound like it was entirely her decision to leave. I, for one, am not totally convinced. Andy has always said they welcome controversial Housewives but that there is a difference between women who we love-to-hate and those we hate-to-hate. Brand has become more the latter type in recent seasons (IMHO) and her drama may have become exhausting for viewers. Add to that fact that her current bestie Kim Richards will not be back next season and that she isn’t really getting along with the rest of the ladies (plus some highly controversial, racist-leaning remarks she made a couple of seasons ago) and it just seems to make sense that she wouldn’t be asked back. Who knows what really goes on behind the scenes but the bottom line is she’s out.

brandi leaving rhobh 2Now, Brandi fans, keep your chins up because, as she said above, she could still be appearing in a more minor role as is often the case with departed ‘Wives. Also, the trend in recent Housewives seasons seems to be bringing back vintage cast members. (think Bethenny on RHONY and Dina on RHONJ). So, we wont be counting Brandi out forever!

What do you think about Brandi leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Are you excited for Season 6 without Brandi and Kim?

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  • DAMA

    Nice of Bravo to offer her this platform to say she was not fired. It is common knowledge that she was canned. Adios, foul-talking, foul-acting, assaulting, no good, no talent, piece of bad work.

  • gro bennett

    Loved Brandi. Brandi was the best thing about RHOBH(and the best dressed). Who wants boring nice housewives just pretending their lives are perfect on the show. The whole point is to get people that have outstanding individual personalities as it makes for better viewing.. Brandi was no nastier than say Lisa Vanderpump. So glad Kim went, sick of her crying over her kids as if something terrible had happened to them. She leads a rich privileged lifestyle and so do her kids. But… her kids must be sick of her living her life thru them. She needs to let them go when they’re grown up and want to leave the nest (i.e. her house)

  • Patrick Kelly

    Good idea to leave before she hits total bottom. We don’t need to witness another pathetic downward spiral while denying the obvious! Just too sad and frustrating to watch. I have looked for a glimmer of warmth in her ;and in four seasons ; never seemed to surface. There is a large void there,cold.

  • Paula Harrison

    Can’t wait to see Erika Jayne on Season 6!

  • Teresa plontke

    So happy to hear Brandi is done!!!! She’s just bad news, nasty, so not attractive. As far as Kim, couldn’t be happier she’s gone too. Sick of her period!!!

  • Tracy

    Bye Brandi!!!!
    I am soooo glad she is gone!