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Brandi Glanville: Kiss My @$$ Goodbye!

So, what did you do for Independence Day?

Grill some burgers? Maybe some steaks? Hot dogs? Drink a few cold beverages? Go for a swim? Hang out with the family? Maybe even catch some fireworks later on in the evening?

That’s cool.

Want to know what Brandi Glanville was doing?

She was busy shaking her assets in front of the camera, showing some guy what he won’t have access to anymore.

Seriously, on the 4th of July, Brandi decided to hop on her Twitter account and her Facebook page to share some scantily clad pictures and videos, along with some shade-heavy messages:


Sounds like Brandi hooked up with a dude after a drunken night, and things didn’t work out between the two after the hookup to say the least.

However, Brandi didn’t decide to stop with that little message. Instead, 30 minutes later, she decided a follow-up message with an attached picture was in order, just to torture the fella a little bit more:


Yowza! No more booty for you, dude!

Brandi has admitted in the past that she has some, for lack of a better term, f**k buddies that she’ll call up for a good time when she needs to be satisfied.

That wasn’t the end of Brandi showing herself off, either. She decided to head on over to Facebook and post the video below. In the video, Brandi shakes her booty while wearing a thong, and you can hear the song “You Don’t Own Me,” playing in the background.

Did anyone else notice the random mirror Brandi has outside, too?

Anyways, happy Independence Day, America….  😆

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  • Donna McGinnis Ward

    Such a class act! I wish Bravo would tell her that her 15 minutes of fame have been over for a long time. Let’s all say “bye bye bye” to Brandi Twitville!