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Bethenny Frankel: I Don’t Need A Man

Bethenny Frankel has had absolutely no problems when it comes to showcasing her relationships on The Real Housewives of New York, and why should she?

After all, she’s one of Bravo’s power players, and she’s used the show to make her a ton of money in more ways than one. She’s (very intelligently) used the show to enhance her brand, and she’s benefitted wildly from it.

However, with Bethenny being so transparent on the show, us Bravo fans have witnessed her ups and downs.

One of the major downs we saw was her divorce from her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, which has finally been put to rest, so it’s no wonder that Bethenny isn’t exactly ready to dive head-first into the dating pond again.

And, when she does, she says that she’s going to try and make that part of her life a little more private in the future.

Still, Bethenny admits she’s been hitting up the dating scene, but she feels like she’s in purgatory right now, and she’s taking things very slow.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Entertainment Tonight:

I am kind of in purgatory right now. I have been dating, but I have pulled back a little bit. I am not in a place where I want everything to be rushed, and I don’t want the big white dress, and someone to rush me down the aisle.

You can’t really blame Bethenny for dialing it back a little bit. A lot of people, when fresh out of a relationship, seem to try and rebound by jumping right back into the game, and may find themselves settling with someone just to fill that void.

Bethenny seems to be approaching things a bit more cautiously, and it should work out better for her, especially after just going through a very nasty divorce.

She also went on to say that putting your relationships in the spotlight may not be the way to go:

Because what happens when you are in the public, and you date? Everyone is like, ‘She is happy she found love again, she is the happiest she has ever been.’

Bethenny also decided to remind us that she’s a strong, independent woman:

We are not living in the Jerry Macguire movie and no man is going to complete me. I complete myself.

Now there’s something to chew on.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bethenny said that she thinks women need to be reliant on themselves, so they don’t find themselves in a situation where they need a man:

I think that it’s empowering to be self-sufficient. I think that it’s my job to really tell women to not be dependent on a man and to go get your own.

Bethenny warns not to take what she’s saying the wrong way, as she doesn’t believe there’s “anything wrong with marriage or being a partner with someone.”

However, she does say that women should be independent:

Women have to have their own lives and their own jobs.

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