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Ashlee Holmes Was Evicted From Her L.A. Apartment For Skipping Out On Rent!

You may remember Ashlee Holmes from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she was of course, Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter.

Unfortunately, the two were unable to get along, so Ashlee decided back in 2011 that she was going to venture out on her own, and move to Los Angeles.

She took to her blog in an attempt to explain her situation a little better, giving us some behind-the-scenes insight as far as her decision making process is concerned:

Anyway, looking back on life and this past season and seeing my attitude, I’m not at all proud of how I acted. I hate how I’ve come across on television so far. I am ashamed of myself.

Where am I now? Well, tomorrow I move to LA. I will be staying with a friend, and then I will be moving into my own apartment on September 3rd.


This move is funded by me 100%. I am very proud of myself for finally following through with something that I want to do.

I love the apartment that I bought. It may only be 425 square feet, but it’s MY 425 square feet. Haha! It’s small, but just enough for me.

I am very excited and equally terrified about this move.

Ashlee then decided to show off her new apartment in a slew of pictures, which you can see here.

However, it looks like Ashlee SHOULD have asked her parents for the cash to move on, because she couldn’t actually afford the apartment that she moved into.

Only a month after posting the slew of photos online, she was evicted from the apartment, and it was reported that she owed $1,654.96 in rent for October, which she was given multiple late notices, but she ignored them.

At that point, she was served with papers stating that she’d be charged a day-to-day fee for every single day she remained in the apartment after October 31st, and she received eviction papers.

It’s been reported that Ashlee still hasn’t paid back the money she owes.

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