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Ashlee Holmes Bashes Teresa Giudice On Twitter! #OUCH!

Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes, definitely doesn’t play around when it comes to expression her opinion on social media.

Her most recent Twitter bashing escapade was aimed at Teresa Giudice. Check out this tweet she sent out last week:

And I’m going to go on the record and say that this dude’s response pretty much summed things up greatly:

So, what’s up with this beef she has with Teresa? Well, not everyone is happy with Teresa, and thinks that she should be held more accountable for her actions.

Plus, there was a major fall out between Teresa and Jacqueline during the yet-to-be-aired Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 vacation episode where the cast heads to Vermont.

In case you didn’t know, Teresa had a major blowout with Robyn Levy, and it ended up costing Teresa her friendship with Jacqueline.

Apparently, since the altercation, Teresa has been on a smack talking rampage in regards to Jacqueline.

This is what Holmes had to say about the whole thing:

I just think it’s funny that someone like Teresa like to talk so much smack about other people when she has a whole closet full of skeletons.

The 25-year-old expecting mother then went on to talk about her habit of calling people out on social media:

I’m very impulsive. There have been time I’ve tweeted things and then I’ll delete it right after, because it’s not necessary. I don’t deny it. If someone’s like ‘oh I screenshotted that,’ I’ll be like ‘that’s because I f**king posted it.’ I’ll do or say something first and then think about the repercussions after, but I don’t not mean what I’m saying. I just don’t think it should be said sometimes.

So, what do you think about Holmes’ comments about Teresa? Was it justified, or totally uncalled for? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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