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Are We Too Quick To Judge Bravo Stars?

As a huge fan of all the Real Housewives I often think why all the negativity towards them or the constant judgment from anything to their appearance to how they act.  Lets be honest if any of these woman weren’t full of drama we would have nothing to watch!    

So if we think about it would you really like your mother, daughter, sister to be spoken too like many of the comments I often read on Twitter or Bravo slating them.  We need to accept these people for who they are and the fun factor it brings.  None of them or perfect and then again neither are we.  They are showing us only a fraction of their lives and lets be real it is entertaining.   

These are real people and I’m sure with real feelings.  Maybe just think a little before we send these comments to these people.  Always good to voice you opinion I totally get that, but lets keep it as opinions and not a character assassination of someone just cause the internet allows us to hide behind our computers.

As my nanny always said “always treat someone as you would like to be treated” and if it doesn’t tick that box then maybe don’t do it.

The Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna incident comes to mind when people say things to stir the pot as such and doubts are placed in people’s minds.  From the show you could see that everyone except Erika doubted her lyme disease and not till the huge big gala did you see Kyle really believe this was real.  This is where I think if people take people for what they are and maybe believe a little bit more we wont create a word full of doubt. 

Food for thought maybe with a bit of glitter and sparkle thrown in just for fun ?????

Post contributed by: Leanne Gallagher

Twiiter: itsallaboutbu

Instagram: itsallaboutbeingu

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