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Andy Cohen: #RHOBH Fans Need To Calm Down!

So, just last week Andy Cohen confirmed that he wasn’t planning on getting rid of Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, nor Yolanda Foster. A lot of fans were upset about this, because they’re calling for dismissal of the Bravolebrities above, but it’s to no avail.

Andy ruined a lot of Bravoholics’ day with just this one single tweet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 comes to a close this Tuesday with part 3 of the #RHOBH reunion show. It goes without saying that this will be the end of an insanely dramatic season.

With the end of the season approaching rapidly, fans have been extremely vocal on who they DON’T want to come back for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7.

We receive a ton of tweets on our official Twitter page on a daily basis from Bravoholics discussing who they think should and should not be on the next season. In addition to this, Andy Cohen has also been the recipient of these types of messages, and he’s finally addressed them.

Despite Andy telling a viewer to calm down, other fans decided it would be the perfect times to chime in with their own opinion on the whole situation, and Andy was then bombarded with more tweets.

Either way, you have to expect stuff like this. Especially with season 6 of #RHOBH being so dramatic, and the season coming to a close. After all, that’s part of what makes Bravo fans so awesome — the fact that they’re vocal!

So, that being said, you can use our comments section to sound off and let us know exactly what you think about this whole situation! Also, you can always feel free to hit us up on Twitter.

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  • Cathy Peterson

    I am tired of the Lisa Vanderpump bashing including Andy’s part in it. (Drive by shooting by Brandy, unfair handling of questions – all pointed at LVP supposed guilt rather than innocence.) Lisa Rinna’s unhinged performance and twisting in the wind with her so called facts, and she still doesn’t own it or even understand or recognize her own lies. She has a bad history of going ballistic with harassing emails and threats, a serious wanker. How can anyone believe her? NO more sick people with “feel sorry” for me grandstanding portraying themselves as the long suffering hero for attention. Yolanda may have had Lymes but hard to accept with some md’s not buying onto her particular claimed diagnosis which may not exist. She supposedly has a long history of being ill during other times of her life. Possibly she does have munchausen’s disease in trying to cope with her life? Eileen is just evil, bitchy and petty tired of her. Erica is Yo’s body guard and it has been questioned just how long these guys have actually been friends. I know LVP was trying to get at that in one scene and she got a testy “Why do care?” from Erica. I liked Katherine other than her tattle telling to LVP. Lyle is calculating and I don’t quite trust her nor should LVP. Andy, I don’t think understands his audience. They don’t like to see their favorite, LVP, being trashed. Bravo and crew wanted to bring Lisa V. down and they just may lose her. It would serve them right for their dishonesty. They just didn’t play fair and the audience sensed it and it pissed us off. If LVP is gone so am I. If Lisa R, Eileen, and Yolanda are back, I am gone again. Erika, Kyle and Katherine would be okay. Never bring back Brandy. I doubt LVP would be back if Brandy, Lisa R. Eileen or Yolanda show up again. I think Andy saying it’s going to be all right was a buying time move. I think he blew it with LVP and the show is over without her. Andy’s twat like thinking has ruined it. He thinks throwing enough crap around will make ratings but it lacks heart. See, most of us I’m admire and like Lisa Vanderpump.