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Andy Cohen Plays ‘Plead The Fifth,’ On The Ellen Degeneres Show With HILARIOUS Results!

Are you ready to watch Andy squirm in his seat?

As we all know, our beloved man of everything Bravo, Andy Cohen, has an awesome segment that he tries to get his guests on Watch What Happens Live to play with him known as Plead The Fifth.

After getting the guests to knock back a few drinks, he’ll start up the game and try to get as much juicy gossip out of them as possible by asking them three questions and only allowing them to bail out on one of the questions by pleading the fifth.

Since the inception of the show, Andy has made a few appearances on other famous shows in which they ask him to play his own game and he always obliges.

This time, while appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Andy was asked to play Plead The Fifth and there were some absolutely hilarious results.

Then again, what else would you expect on the Ellen show?

Question #1: Have You Ever Hooked Up With A Guest After A Watch What Happens Live Taping?

While Andy says that he’s never hooked up with a technical guest on the show, he’s actually hooked up with a couple of the bartenders.

Question #2: Name One Celebrity That Didn’t Like A Question Andy Asked While Playing Plead The Fifth & Got Mad They Played The Game

Andy admits that Reese Witherspoon was taken aback by the game, so he watered down the questions he presented her with.

He also went on to say that Nicki Minaj may be mad at him for a question he asked her while playing.

Question #3: What’s The Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Heard A Celebrity Say About You?

Andy goes on to say that there’s a celebrity that basically tries to make him feel lesser-than and as if people shouldn’t know who he is. This person even goes as far as to call him by the wrong name –insinuating they don’t know who he is.

When asked to dish on who the celebrity was; Andy decided to plead the fifth. However, Andy did say that the person is mostly from television, rather than movies, and is lingering in the 40’s-50’s.

If you want to see the video of Andy and Ellen playing the game together, so you can get his full answers, you can hit play on the video below:

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