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Andy Cohen Calls Twitter Follower and Bravo Fan An Asshole

UPDATE #1: Andy Cohen tweeted us back, upset that we didn’t include the tweet from the fan whom he called an asshole. Actually, we did include that tweet, but unfortunately, the person deleted their Twitter profile, and since we embedded the tweet, it’s not pulling up.

We explained this to Andy, to which he responded:

So, why did Andy call this fan an asshole? This isn’t word for word, but the exchange went something like this:

Fan: Andy, you’re a bully, and Bravo should $%Y%^&$ fire your #$%#$% again!

Andy: I actually still work for Bravo, but I’m firing you from my timeline so thanks.

Fan: I don’t give a #*%#$

Andy: Then why do you follow me asshole?

Now, that may not be a word-for-word recreation of the events, but it’s pretty damn close.

Please, keep this in mind: First of all, Andy, we’re sorry that you saw this post after the user deleted their account. Originally, his tweets to you were included in this post. We didn’t mean to make you look like you just called a fan an asshole out of no where; unwarranted.

HOWEVER, everyone should keep this same thing in mind when watching the reality shows we all love and adore on Bravo. The ladies and the footage is subject to being edited in the studio, and we unfortunately, they don’t get to make a request for someone to go back and edit a piece of media out there that portrays them in a less-than-stellar light. Sometimes, things get lost in translation.

tl;dr – Don’t be too quick to judge these ladies. Sometimes, we’re not seeing the whole picture.


Things have been a little tense in Bravoland ever since the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came to a very tearful and dramatic close at the reunion show. A lot of Bravo fans are up in arms, because of the way Lisa Vanderpump was treated on the third episode of the reunion show.

Fans aren’t the only ones that are upset, either. Apparently, Lisa was so upset by the things that were said during the reunion show that she’s not even sure if she’ll come back for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Andy Cohen was the target of a lot of frustrated fans, as they began tweeting him, defending Lisa Vanderpump, saying she was treated unfairly. However, Andy says that he and Lisa are getting along just fine:

But things didn’t end with that. Fans kept tweeting Andy, and things did eventually get heated. So much so, in fact, that Andy ended up calling one fan an asshole. Check out the heated Twitter exchange below:

Apparently, TSteve struck a nerve with Andy, so Andy lashed out and called him an asshole:

So, what do you think? Was Andy’s reaction warranted? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  • AFarceIsAFarceOfCarseOfCarse

    Hahaha – so, Andy can’t take the heat. He’s a cheap gossip on WWHL with his Jackhole of the Day award, and he seems to be more interested in entertaining himself than he is in giving the viewers something worth watching. I admit that I have only seen clips of that WWHL show on their website because I really can’t handle watching a nearly 50 year old man trying to act like he is still a cute 4 year old. He obviously hates women or he wouldn’t have evolved these shows into cat fights and nasty accusations.

    • Tapestry10

      Absolutely right, AFIAFOCOC. Every word you said is true.

    • Jason Ghordian

      Your post is suspect. “gossip” is a word used to describe gay men in a pejorative manner. Anyone who watches reality tv like you do loses moral ground to preach about disdain for gossip. Those shows you’re fixated on center around it.

  • I am so tired of RHOBH. Can we move on people? NY is freaking hilarious right now. I don’t get why people are so far up her ass? LVP IS manipulative and calculating. Just admit your shit Lisa. Don’t be phony. People see right through that shit. Her fans are like Trump sheeple. I would be fine if they replaced her with someone more outrageously wealthy in BH. I’m sure she is not the only one.

  • Jason Ghordian

    I’m disappointed in your blog for throwing red meat like this. What’s so appalling about calling an a hole an a hole? With the colossal amount of crazies in social media, I don’t blame Andy for not responding like a Miss America contestant would. This post seems like a cheap ploy to take a dig at him and I think he managed to look perfectly sensible