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Amy Adams & Matthew McConaughey on Inside the Actor’s Studio

amy adams american hustleIt’s Oscar season and Bravo has the acting bug! Two of today’s biggest names in the biz will be sitting down with Bravo’s own James Lipton for two special Inside the Actor’s Studio back-to-back nights. Fresh off of her first Golden Globe win, “Best Actress” Oscar nominee Amy Adams sits down first on Wednesday, February 19 at 8pm, then fellow Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Matthew McConaughey follows on Thursday, February 20 at 8pm.

In recent years, Amy Adams seems to be that girl who is in just about every critically acclaimed movie made. From “Enchanted” to “The Fighter”, Amy Adams discusses her multifaceted career leading up to her standout performance in Columbia Pictures’ “American Hustle.” Her lead role as a con-artist in the Academy Award nominated film earned Adam’s her first Golden Globe win and fifth Academy Award Nomination. Adams has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and six Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Here’s a sampling of some of the great quotables from Amy’s episode:

“You want me to play this girl throwing punches?”

– Adams on her reaction when asked to play Charlene Fleming in “The Fighter”

“Sydney had to go, when I was done [with her]. She had to go.”

– Adams on her portrayal of Sydney Prosser in “American Hustle”

“I don’t tell the director everything that my character is doing or thinking. I have to have my secrets because in life we never really know the person we’re talking to.”

– Adams on how she creates her characters and works with her directors

Up next, all you lady Bravoholics (and, who am I kidding, a fair amount of you guys as well) are, of course, familiar with the work of Matthew McConaughey. Besides being ridiculously good-looking, Matthew is an amazingly talented actor, too. Well-known for his many leading roles in hit romantic comedies including “The Wedding Planner,” and “How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days” Matthew McConaughey reveals his unorthodox break into acting with his first major role in “Dazed & Confused” and which film made him a household name in one weekend. Viewers will also learn if his wife, Camila Alves, believes McConaughey upholds his charm off-camera and how he came to the career-defining decision to set out for riskier and more serious characters, including his debut television role in HBO’s new series “True Detective.” In addition, the actor discloses the rigorous homework he conducted for his portrayal of AIDS victim Ron Woodruff in the Focus Features film, “Dallas Buyers Club,” for which McConaughey won a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award Nomination for “Best Actor.”

matthey mcconaughey dallas buyers club

“The period leading up to the Oscars is always our busiest time of the year, possibly because so many of our guests have wound up holding the treasured trophy,” says host James Lipton. “This year is no exception. Bruce Dern’s ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ episode has recently aired. Amy Adams’ episode and Matthew McConaughey’s episode will air on consecutive nights, February 19th and 20th.Three great new episodes and three great Oscar candidates. Our Actors Studio Drama School students will be cheering loudly and proudly on Oscar night.”

To hold you over until then, here’s a few awesome quotables from the Matthew McConaughey episode:

“Can we bring that guy home for a little bit?”

-Camila Alves McConaughey’s reaction to seeing her husband in his romantic comedy roles

“I didn’t say ‘Who is that’…I said ‘What is that?’”

-McConaughey’s thoughts when he first laid eyes on wife, Camila Alves

“I thought to myself, ‘My career is going well, I’m enjoying it…but my real life – the adventures and the excitement and the vitality of my real life – was just so much more.’”

-McConaughey on his decision to embark on more serious acting roles

“I want to know why God gave you that body, and not me!”

-Lipton to McConaughey as he was referencing the film “Magic Mike”

“’I’m dying.’ Those two words, I’m D-Y-I-N-G…I didn’t expect it but it just…it hit me…not a like gut punch, a soul punch.”

-McConaughey referring to the line that was the most powerful personal moment in his acting career while filming “Dallas Buyers Club”

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