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All The Details On Scheana Shay & Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian

Okay, so we know that this is an old topic, and it’s been one that’s been discussed to death.

Still, there’s a lot of confusion as to exactly what happened, and we get asked about it a lot.

First of all, you need to know that Eddie Cibrian is an actor that’s mostly appeared in budget roles, and was originally married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville.

Now, before Scheana Shay was even on Vanderpump Rules, she was hooking up with this guy, and she says that she had no clue he was actually married and had two children at the time.

The affair took place way back in 2006, and Scheana was with him for quite a while before she busted him out:

It started as an every other Tuesday thing. He would come to my work, we’d go get drinks and after, hang out at my house. It went on for about six months and then [my] mom calls me one day and she’s like, ‘So that guy Eddie that you’ve been hanging out with… I just picked up the morning [paper] and it says that him and his wife Brandi of like, I don’t know five years at the time, are expecting their second child.’

Scheana says that she was absolutely shocked to find all of this out, but it wasn’t long until the two got back together.

According to Scheana, Cibrian told her that he and Brandi called it quits, so he was back on the market, and wanted to be with her.

Now, your average person would probably say, “the hell with this guy,” but Scheana totally fell for it, and they started seeing each other again.

I just wanted to believe what he was saying. I was just kind of like, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’ Whatever, let’s have a great summer. When you’re with me, you’re with me. When you’re not, we’ll just do our own thing.

Scheana said that the two had an absolutely amazing time together:

Amazing. I mean, it was just like no one else mattered. It was just me and him. We had such a good time together that I never wanted it to end.

Unfortunately, Scheana knew that their relationship wasn’t exclusive:

I always wanted him to be just mine. But I knew that there was something else. I tried to keep up that facade for so long, there’s a point where you can only do that for so long and then like Christmas the next year rolls around and then I get these pretty diamond ear rings, that I still wear, and it’s just like, it was getting so much more and more and more, and it just got harder and harder to pull away.

And that’s when the real homewrecker, LeAnn Rimes entered the picture.

You see, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes started their affair while on the set of ‘Northern Lights,’ which is a movie for the Lifetime network.

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Despite Scheana thinking that everything was going great for them as a couple, she couldn’t help but notice that Cibrian was becoming more distant.

So, essentially, Scheana Shay (Scheana Marie at the time) didn’t have a clue that Eddie was still actually married to Brandi Glanville, and was also with LeAnn Rimes.

Yeah… Cibrian is apparently one hell of a multi-tasker, but as soon as she found out, Scheana says she broke up with him:

It was just a mess. I ended things there, I stopped talking to him, and I’ve never talked to him again.

Unfortunately, Brandi is definitely the one that got the short end of the stick in this whole situation.

After all, she was married to the guy, has children with him, and unbeknownst to her, he was seeing at least two other women behind her back.

Originally, there was some beef between Scheana and Brandi, but now the two have officially buried the hatchet, and realize that they were both victims of this man’s game.

As a matter of fact, when Brandi was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she was dishing about Vanderpump Rules, and actually stated that Scheana Shay was her favorite cast member on the show:

Honestly, Scheana’s the only girl I like this season on Vanderpump Rules. She seems like she’s the only one that has like the voice of reason. She’s being normal.

Brandi would later go on to star on the E! show, Famously Single, and she opened up about her ex:

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I trusted him completely and fully. Then I went to visit him on a movie set and for the first time I felt like something was going on with the person that he was acting with. He told me I was crazy. That morning I get a call from a bitchy mom that I’m not really friends with and she’s like, ‘Have you seen the [tabloids]?

Can you imagine what that would feel like? To find out that your man was seeing someone else from a freakin’ tabloid?


Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville filed for a divorce in 2009, and Eddie’s been with LeAnn Rimes ever since.

And if you’re thinking about calling Scheana a homewrecker, you better think twice, as she had this to say:

I’m sick of everyone saying I’m a homewrecker – no! He wrecked his own home. He broke his vows, he f–ked up, not me!

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