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Add Sprinkles As Your Topping & Get To Bravo Shopping!

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or someone who may be as big of fan as yourself when it comes to all things Bravo; where do you begin? Those who are Bravo super fans can be a tricky cookie to buy for. Literally, gets upset with you, barks, and may attack if approached with a gift not to their liking; such as Bethenny’s dog Cookie reacts when someone enters a room. Now here are a few go to tricks and tips on what to get that certain someone on your list who is addicted to all things Bravo.

Buy An Gift Card

amazon holiday gift card picture

buy now on amazon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when a certain season of my show is not on, I am a lost and confused Bravo zombie walking the streets. Literally, I think my family gets concerned as to what I should do if my Sunday-Thursday shows are not on Bravo for me to enjoy. When there is a dull boring block of nothing good on, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days & Sex and the City are on repeat here is a great go to gift. Get them a membership, spring for the couple months while you’re at it, subscription to Hulu Plus! Hulu Plus offers shows from past seasons of your favorite Bravo must haves such all of the Housewives shows, Top Chef, and so much more. Starting at 7.99 a month, it features so many re-runs that are not on Bravo enough for a super-fan to relive whenever needed. Who doesn’t need to re-watch Vicki yell at the car company for sending them a family van? Does that not scream Christmas enough for you and your family? Sounds like a good time to me.

Another interesting gift you can get a Bravo fan: an gift card. As Andy pointed out on Watch What Happens Live, if you’re a member of their Amazon Prime service, you can get two day shipping on almost anything. What can your Bravo super fan buy on Amazon? There is a book written by almost anyone and everyone that is on Bravo. So depending on their favorite show, they can pick their best seller, and indulge that much more into the lives of all things Bravo. My suggestion would be to pick up Andy Cohen’s book. “The Andy Cohen Diaries“, which is now available on paperback. Who wouldn’t want to read what is on the mind of the master behind all the madness?

Buy “The Andy Cohen Diaries on

the andy cohen diaries on amazon

buy now on amazon

With those ideas floating around, also make sure to check out the Watch What Happens LiveShop By Bravo” at There you can find exclusive goodies that not only does Andy give out to his guests on Watch What Happens Live; this is the swag you can enjoy for years to come with things such as t-shirts with a classic tagline to shot glasses, there is something for everyone and anyone known as the Bravo watcher on your shopping list. This Bravo watcher is a particular fan of all the above items, and knows that Bravo lover on your list could be checked off with one or more of these items. Let’s be thankful for the many things we have coming to us for this holiday season and new year. Whether you are celebrating the two new housewives series being announced by Bravo, or the release of Teresa Giudice from prison in the coming weeks; enjoy your holidays and the reactions to the Bravo gifts you have selected for your Bravo super-fan. Happy Holidays to all BravoWatch readers!

– Samantha Roozee

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