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9 Pictures That Prove Joe Gorga Is Totally Awesome!

Love him or hate him, Joe Gorga is an eccentric character, and an amazing husband. It’s obvious that he and Melissa Gorga are perfect for each other.

That being said, let’s look at some hilarious GIFs and pictures of Joe that’ll just make you realize how truly awesome this man is.

joe gorga tongue out

How can you not love the faces this dude makes? They seriously crack me up every single time.

joe gorga naked

He’s also not afraid to strip down on camera and show off for pure hilarity.

joe gorga being punched

And, he has no problem rolling with the punches. BOOM!

joe gorga as teresa giudice

He’s down with dressing up like his sister, Teresa Giudice, to get a laugh.

joe gorga flashing

Doesn’t even care when it comes to showing off the jewels on reality television. The fedora really sets the tone for this whole scene.

joe gorga melissa gaga

Nailed it!

joe gorga tongue

Well said, Joe… Well said.

Also, did you know that Joe actually did a promo for Sizzle Tan, and has his own Sizzle Tan billboard?

joe gorga sizzle tan

This is no joke, Bravoholics.

And yes, before you even see if is still active — it is — and we snagged a picture of it.

That way, if, and when, the site eventually does down, we’ll always have a picture of the epicness that was

joe gorga sizzle tan website

I can’t help but wonder if the site still gets any traffic, and how many people use that coupon.

Either way, this is just a small collection of pictures that proves Joe is one of the coolest housewife hubbies on the block.

What’s your opinion on Joe, and some of your favorite moments?

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