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8 Reasons Why Southern Charm Will Be Cancelled

Southern Charm season 3 was an insanely dramatic season that has now come to a close. However, we’re left wondering if this is going to be the last season of the show. Below, you’ll find our reasons why we think Southern Charm may be cancelled.

1. Whitney Is Hanging Out In Los Angeles More Often

Towards the end of the season, Whitney started spending more of his time in Los Angeles, and has now said that he tends to split his time up 50/50 between Cali and South Carolina. Therefore, he may not have enough time to put into the show anymore.

2. Lack of Storylines

Let’s face it; even though this was another great season of Southern Charm, there was definitely a lack of storylines. Instead of including everyone equally, it seemed more like the T-Rav and Kathryn show with some background cast members tossed in.

Cameran had nothing. Shep is still being Shep. Landon was just another player in the T-Rav and Kathryn drama. Patricia is still drinking martinis. Whitney is still playing his Chanel guitar somewhere. Craig still hasn’t taken the BAR.

3. Thomas Ravenel Said He Was Quitting

At one point during the season, T-Rav took to Twitter to say that Bravo was ruining his life, it wasn’t worth the peanuts that they pay you, and that this would be his last season on the show. He later went on to delete the tweet, but you have to wonder if his feelings are still the same.

4. Landon Clements Didn’t Even Drink With The Rest of the Cast

At the end of the reunion show, the whole cast had a drink together, as they usually do at the end of reunion shows. However, Landon didn’t partake in the drink with the rest of the crew. You have to wonder if she’s really that pissed at her fellow cast mates.

5. Andy Cohen Got Pissed Off

When Kathryn and Landon were going on and on about the whole Jekyll Island incident, things began to get extremely heated between the two. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly why things got so heated, because Andy Cohen shut them down, saying that he was going to “murder himself,” if they continued. His face got red, and he was clearly upset.

Why was Andy so upset? We have absolutely no idea. Could it have been due to the fact that he had a girl yelling in each ear? It’s possible, but he usually eats dramatic moments like this up. Maybe he knew what went down at Jekyll Island, and it even pissed him off. After all, he seemed to be upset with Landon.

Either way you slice it, Andy was upset.

6. Kathryn Dennis is Fed Up

Kathryn had one hell of a season. As stated above, this season played out like the Kathryn and Thomas show more than anything. She was constantly involved in drama on and off the show. She’s constantly defending herself on Twitter, due to fans of the show sending her nasty tweets, and she also has to defend herself against reality television bloggers.

She regularly goes on Twitter rants, and she’s also stated that she knows some major dirt on her cast mates, which she has yet to expose. This chick sounds like a ticking time bomb, and we don’t think she can take anymore.

7. Cameran Eubanks MAY Have Quit

After the season came to an official close, Camera took to her Twitter account with a dramatic photo slideshow, as she said goodbye. Whether or not she’s referring to the end of the season, or the end of her run on the show, we have no idea. However, it’s definitely some food for thought.

8. Whitney Is In A Serious Relationship

It seems like Whitney has finally found love, and we highly doubt he’d want to involve his gal in any of the Southern Charm drama.

So, what do you Bravoholics think? Could Southern Charm be cancelled, or do you think there will be a Southern Charm season 4?

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  • resseress64

    I would love to see a season 3. I think SC is not script like many other shows on Bravo, just saying…

    • Missy B

      Jennifer Snowden did share on twitter in response to my question that none of the drama on SC was scripted. I saved the tweet.

  • DenAnn

    It’s a train wreck and I don’t want to look but I can’t look away.

  • Changeit

    I hope it comes back. But I hope without Landon! The voice, the attitude, the I just can’t stop my mouth from interrupting and inability to listen, the lack of anything to offer. Then there’s Cameron Miss Sanctimonious let me judge others while acting better than others who are beneath me. Both need to change or move on.

    • tentantoes

      You mean finger waving , false eyelash witch Katherine. Oh, but she is both the drama and the humor, lest I forget.

    • Missy B

      I really detest liars. Really detest them. There are numerous times when you could point out that Landon lied…if not lied then flat out instigated some drama to piss off Katherine. I’m amazed Kath survived those gangbanging bullies…Landon, Cameron, Whitney, Pat Ass-tschul and J.D.. I find it tragic for idiots like this to have targeted a pregnant (hormonal) woman and post partum as well. For Landon to make fun of KD being hospitalized for bleeding in her last trimester is appalling. What kind of monster does that? And the whole world, except Landon evidently, knows that children especially, but children regardless are to be kept safe and out of the fray.
      I could write a book about the loser Landon, having nothing at her age but a failed marriage behind her where she was the RESPONDENT as shown on the documents while she prefers to LIE once again and say she CHOSE to leave…UGH. She truly needs to stop LYING when the lies she tells can be proven as lies.
      I hope Southern Charm does NOT return if the producers refuse to fire Landon.

  • tentantoes

    I started watching for the architecture, decorating, seeing inside the homes, etc. Then got reeled in with the clothes and other gal stuff. Finally it was to enjoy seeing wealthy people showing what @$$€$ they are. As for the biggest idiots on the whole monkey circus, T. Ravenel followed by his bad choice to spread his seed with. Where I’m from in the South, they are trash regardless of bank accounts.
    Jenna was the best one on it, as she always appeared to be laughing at them.

  • Missy B

    I honestly have never seen any true love between Larissa and Whitney. Almost every article about Larissa indicates she is bi-sexual and mainly chooses female partners. It seemed to be simply of convenience for the show since her absence was easily explainable due to her modeling (?) Whitney lost control as soon as he agreed to be a producer and his heart was not in the production at all. Whitney’s forte is in documentaries. Not reality tv.
    Thomas has threatened several times to leave the show and then deleted his twts/texts. It seems to be his M.O. in social media and with Kathryn
    Cameon added nothing to the show except….what’s that fake sugary stuff called again?…saccharin lol THAT’S what they should have called the show… Saccharin Charm as far as Cameron being so fake about everything.
    Landon was the Ramona Singer with the Zingers….instigating just as Ramona does on RHONY. The Kenya Moore of RHOA….the fickle bitch who can’t get a man to save her soul. There’s just no need for a mean, lying, instigating. loser on any reality show. Let the ‘real friends’ go off and do their thing and enjoy each other. Real life drama of real illness, pregnancy, birth, death, trips out of the country and spousal issues are enough.

  • dsmith

    It’s becoming redundant. Season 4 would see more of the same. Craig whining about (Fill in the blank). Whitney would continue to exhibit an attitude of ….I would rather be anywhere…ANYWHERE…but here.
    Kathryn….Counting the seconds before she lashes out..tick…tick….tick…with her paranoid rant. It’s become common place.
    T RAV….as we say in SC…Bless his heart….what a sad case of a classic middle age crisis. Young girlfriend (s)…Running though his money to impress everyone he is a “Self made man!”
    Cameran….I like her…maybe it’s because her beauty makes you want to like her.I think she is little shallow…but that might be for show.
    Landon….makes Cameran look like a NASA scientist. Where can they take her character from here? Marry T Rav?

    Patricia….Please with the butler ( Would Madame like a martini?) We know your husband left you loaded. Flaunting your former husband’s wealth would not be thought of as proper in Charleston society. Tacky!
    Finally, Shep. Probably the only saving grace on the show. He could probably carry a show just about him and his revolving door romances. Self effacing, slow to anger and a guys guy.

  • Patricia Farrell

    How sad they all are. The drinking, fighting etc. and yet they portray themselves as Southern Ladies and Gentlemen. How about a show about real every day people? But I guess that has no shock value.