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5 Reasons We Want The Real Housewives of Miami To Come Back!

Rumors are flying that The Real Housewives of Miami was cancelled, perhaps to make room for another city? Say it ain’t so! Here are 5 reasons we want The Real Housewives of Miami to come back:

mama elsa hit you with my pocket book1. Mama Elsa

Don’t we all want to find out what happened to her face? Botched surgery? Run over by a car? Both? Will her daughter, Marysol, spill the beans? All kidding aside, Mama Elsa provided some humor and light moments when we thought we couldn’t take another minute of the fighting and crassness.

2. Joanna’s Temper

She reminds us of Miss Piggy tearing up the place after finding out Kermit cheated on her! We love watching her temper soar, and are just glad it’s not pointed in our direction. Who will be her next target? Probably some poor, unsuspecting sap who will never be the same once Joanna gets through with them.

3. We Love Miami

Yes it’s a tourist town, but we love the backdrop of this beautiful city with its palm trees, sunshine and all-around calm atmosphere. Because nothing else about the show is calm! What a great backdrop for all of those charity events, fundraisers and fancy nights out on the town. We want to see more of the city.

real housewives of miami adriana screaming4. The Fighting

Doesn’t everyone love a good cat fight? Even men are starting to watch the show, just to see the fireworks between Adrianna and JoAnna. Will those two ever kiss and make-up? We need to find out, the suspense is killing us! Who will be next?

5. The Fashion

Doesn’t everyone in Miami and on the show look gorgeous, all of the time? Who is their fashion designer? Don’t they ever wear sweats and t-shirt on a Saturday afternoon? Nope, not these gals – they’re much too sophisticated and chic for that. That’s ok, we love what they wear.

So, what were some of your favorite things about The Real Housewives of Miami? What do you miss the most since the show has been cancelled? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Either way, we hope we haven’t seen the last of the Miami gang. Maybe in the near future we’ll even get to update our Bravo Premiere Schedule with showtimes for The Real Housewives of Miami.

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