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23 Things We Want To See On Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules

Bravo has announced that the staff of SUR will be back for another season. That’s right, Vanderpump Rules season 5 is happening, which is definitely some amazing news! That being said, here’s a list of things we can’t wait to see on the next season!

#1: Stassi Schroeder Coming Back Full Time

stassi schroeder really gif

We asked our Twitter followers, and one of the main things they want to see out of Vanderpump Rules season 5 is Stassi Schroeder coming back full time. Apparently, people just can’t get enough of the queen.

#2: Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Get Married

katie maloney string with a ring

One of the main things Katie wanted during season 4 was for Schwartz to marry her. Will Vanderpump Rules season 5 feature their wedding?? We can only hope so!

#3: Will Jax Taylor & Stassi Get Back Together?

stassi and jax

At one point in time, Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder were a thing. If you asked us this question a couple years ago, we’d say there’s no way in hell Stassi would ever get back with Jax, but there were definitely some eyebrow raising moments during season 4.

#4: Will Ariana Madix Get Ousted By The Group?

ariana madix disgusted gif

During a lot of season 3, Ariana, despite having good reason to be upset with Kristen Doute, actually stayed very quiet about the whole lover’s triangle situation between herself, Tom, and Kristen. However, Ariana definitely came out of her shell during season 4, and was very vocal about her feelings towards Kristen. Unfortunately for her, it looks like Kristen has now won over the group, and Ariana may have chosen to become vocal a tad bit too late, so now she’s rubbing the rest of the girls the wrong way.

Could Ariana find herself on the outside of the circle during season 5? We’ll have to wait and see.

#5: Will Stassi Go Back To Work at SUR?

stassi schroeder get real

Since a lot of people want Stassi to come back full time, and we think she will, you have to wonder if she’ll get her old job back at SUR.

#6: Will There Be a New Guy To Give Jax & Tom A Run For Their Money?

jax taylor workout

Let’s face it, you practically have to be a supermodel to work at SUR. We’re wondering who the next big man on campus may be; if anyone.

#7: Kristen Fighting With LaLa & James

kristen doute murder you

We’re wondering if season 5 will pick up where season 4 left us off with Kristen, James and LaLa. Are we going to see some major hair pulling between these two; or maybe even see Kristen deliver another Muay Thai punch to James?

#8: Jax Fighting With James

jax taylor mad

Let’s face it; Jax feels threatened with James getting all the attention from the ladies recently. He may not come out and say that’s his reasoning for disliking James, but we definitely think that’s the reason.

#9: Scheana Fighting With Ariana

ariana madix

How far is things going to go with the feud between these two?

#10: The Next Group Vacation

jax bad decisions

The staff of SUR always has the most insane moments during their little vacations. This year, Jax ended up getting arrested. We can only imagine what the next cast vacation will have in store for us.

#11: The Sexy Photoshoot

vanderpump rules photoshoot

As we stated before, you practically have to be a supermodel in order to work at SUR, and LVP isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her sexy staff in her photoshoots. We can’t wait to see all the sexiness at the next SUR photoshoot.

#12: Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Getting Married?

brittany cartwright and jax taylor

Could Jax and Brittany take their relationship to the next level? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

#13: Mike Shay Conquering His Addiction Issues

mike shay addiction

Especially with Scheana being sued by her neighbors for her marijuana parties, we have to hope that Shay is maintaining his sobriety.

#14: Ariana Being Less Moody

ariana madix shocked gif

Ariana came off a bit bitchy during season 4 of Vanderpump Rules, and it wasn’t a great look for her. Let’s hope she tones things down a notch for the next season.

#15: Another Vanderpump Rules Producer’s Cut Episode

pump rules gif

The Vanderpump Rules Producer’s Cut episode was definitely a fan favorite. Let’s hope this starts a trend that continues next season.

#16: Will LaLa & James Come Back?

lala kent gif

There’s a lot of rumors going around that James and LaLa won’t be coming back next season. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s truly the case.

#17: Will LaLa Get A New Man?

lala kent flirt

We can’t wait to see who LaLa mingles with next season.

#18: Will James Release His Own Record?

james kennedy

Love him or hate him, James is definitely a talented DJ. We’re wondering if he’ll ever release his own record, or will he continue doing weekend DJ gigs and/or being a bus boy.

#19: Will Ariana & Tom Get Engaged?

tom sandoval

With Schwartz & Katie getting engaged, we’re looking at the next couple on the list…

#20: Will Jax & Brittany Still Be Together?

jax and brittany

Forget whether or not if these two will tie the knot — will they even still be together next season?

#21: Will Stassi & Lisa Vanderpump Make Amends?

stassi you hate me lisa

At one point in time, Lisa loved Stassi like a daughter, but they had a falling out. We’re wondering if they’ll be able to make amends and put the past behind them.

#22: Who Will Kristen Hook Up With?

kristen doute banging

Watching Kristen’s dating life is always great television. We’re wondering who she’s going to hook up with next.

#23: Will Katie & LaLa Duke It Out

katie gif

There’s definitely some bad blood here, and we’re wondering how far things will go with it.

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  • Crystal

    Am I the only one disturbed by “or maybe even see Kristen deliver another Muay Thai punch to James?” I don’t want to see someone get abused on national TV. That was disturbing.