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15 Thoughts I Had While Watching Part One of the #RHOBH Season 6 Reunion

This is the moment every Real Housewives fan lives for: the Super Bowl of Reality television. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the #RHOBH reunion. I’m so excited that I am afraid I won’t be able to collect my thoughts into a cohesive recap of the episode, so please enjoy the 15 thoughts I had while watching Part One of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.


  1. $600 OR MORE for sunglasses?! I’m lucky it if I can keep a pair of $10 Target sunglasses through a mighty day-drinking session, let alone years. Oh Lisa Vanderpump, you mythical, magical creature.


  1. The shaaaaaaade from Erika to LVP over the same outfit. It’s only been 7 minutes. GOD BLESS BEVERLY HILLS.


  1. Does anyone else wish Erika’s Glam Squad was People’s Couching the background of this reunion?


  1. Rinna is just DYING for screen time. Thank God Yolanda put a stop to the group Pat the Puss moment. That’s something I don’t think I could ever unsee.


  1. I never realized how much I live for Erika until she clapped back for the “too old to be sexy” comment. Please let me worship you. Church of Erikaology, sign me up! We’ll all wear cat suits!


  1. Oh, I’m not ready for this in memoriam to the death of Yolanda and David’s relationship. No. Please no. I’m not crying, you’re crying. No…Eileen’s crying?


  1. This divorce talk is so uncomfortable. Having to admit you were blindsided in a relationship ending is one of the most heartbreaking things. Someone hug Yolanda immediately.


Side note: Did Andy steal his tie from his Easter wardrobe? Also, I think I bought that random throw blanket from IKEA last weekend.


  1. Are…are we talking about Menopause right now? Is this where we’ve come to? 2016 – Outing the Menopausals.


  1. Can we get Connie Britton to play Faye Resnick on the next season of RHOBH? Oh god please can we?!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaand Kyle’s already crying. For no real reason. Now it feels like a reunion.


  1. Now Kathryn’s crying. For an actual reason. Take note, Kyle.


  1. Ugh. Blagh. Here we go…the Munchausen conversation….for the eight millionth time. Let’s all watch as Lisa Rinna refuses to take credit for the words that came out of her mouth.


  1. Is Menopause the new Munchausen’s?


  1. Lisa Rinna is straight up FULL OF IT if she acts like this wasn’t malicious. Really? You harped on it ALL SEASON and called her the most manipulative of the group! THAT IS MALICIOUS. #LeaveYoAlone




Will our drinking game of “take a drink every time someone says ‘Munchausen’s'” carry into next week? Will Rinna finally get her moment? Will we see Yolanda clap back at the haters? Will Eileen actually say a sentence? All of these questions and much more will be answered next week on Part Two.

We would like to give a huge shout out to Jessica Kratz for writing and submitting this post to us!

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  • Awesome recap! I need a cat suit for next week’s part deux. Please someone make LVP break down and cry!!!!!!

  • Sara Enfinger

    Amazed how everyone is so blind to the fact that all were discussing what Rinna put a word to (and owned the fact that she engaged in a convo with hairdresser about). Just because the discussions didn’t happen on camera doesn’t in any way mean it didn’t happen. Can u not tell n LVP’s face the “oh shit hope I can keep on being believed” look she gets??!! Kyle even admitted to LVP’s words and still it’s “let’s ream Rinna” season! I hate for Yo that all of it happened! Thankful for Erica who always had her back! Silent and unseen illnesses are physically, mentally and emotionally draining! Prayers for Yo and all of us that suffer such horrid sicknesses on a daily basis! ✌?️??

  • Denise4925

    Ugh, keep ur thoughts to urself.