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11 Things We Learned From The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Uncensored

kyle richards and kim richards yell at each other in a limo With the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills right around the corner, Bravo decided to host a special, uncensored broadcast looking back on the first season of #RHOBH. We knew what to expect from the uncensored special, but we also got much more than we bargained for; which is a good thing!

Below, we’re going to go over a little recap of some of the juicy tidbits revealed during the #RHOBH uncensored special.

#1. The Houses Were Too Big

The Bravo crew admitted that one problem they faced while filming the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was that the wives’ houses / mansions were so big that they would sometimes lose them in the house and have to search for them.

#2. Lisa Vanderpump Originally Wanted To Be Called Pinky Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump’s nickname is Pinky, so she thought that she shoud maybe go by that nickname, rather than her surname. Of course, this didn’t happen. Could you picture everyone calling her Pinky?

Kyle Richards taking a selfie while shes wearing her pajamas. #3. Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog, Giggy, Has His Own Contract w/ Bravo

We all know and love Lisa Vanderpump’s precious little fur baby, Giggy! However, what may surprise some of you is the fact that this cuddly little guy has his own respective contract with Bravo.

#4. The Bravo Crew Couldn’t Park Their Bravo Vans Outside Of The Houses

Another struggle the Bravo crew faced while filming the gals was that they weren’t able to park the Bravo crew vans outside of the ladies’ homes. This was due to the fact that the look of the vans would clutter up the neighborhood, which neighbors may consider to be unsightly.

#5. Ken Todd Had No Idea What To Do

Suddenly having your every move (and we mean every move) being filmed by a camera crew can be quite surreal. This was the case with Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, as he admitted that he had no idea what to do when the camera crew followed him around — even while he was changing his clothes. He admits that he didn’t know whether to simply begin to change into his alternate attire, or ask the crew to excuse him while he dressed himself.

 #6. Kyle Was Worried About Being Seen In Her Pajamas

We’ve seen Kyle Richards in quite a few provocative situations (to say the least,) but you may be surprised that one of her big hang-ups about being seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was actually being seen in her pajamas.

#7. Dr. Nassif & Adrianne Maloof: From Bickering To Shouting

adrianne maloof and dr paul nassif argue while riding in a limo

Adrianne Maloof and Dr. Nassif were seen bickering most of the time on the show. Some of it was endearing and some not so nice. But the crew confessed behind scenes it turned to nasty shouting.

#8. Kim Richards Accused Kyle Of Being A Fake, Phony Liar

kyle and kim richards argue while riding in the limo together

We got to see behind the scene clips of the nasty blow up between the sisters. It was hard to watch both sisters throw accusations at each other. Kim accuses her sister of being a fake, phony liar. Kyle accuses her sister of being an alcoholic and cuts her off from any support.

#9. Kim Richards Hid Alcohol In A Bathroom At A Party

She kept her drinking from the crew and cast mates very well. Sneaking mini bar bottles at the hotel and hiding a bottle in a bathroom. Seeing these clips makes us realizes how deep Kim’s alcoholism was.

#10. Watching Camille & Kelsey’s Downfall Was Hard For The Bravo Crew

No doubt it was hard to watch the few interactions between the two. It was actually Kelsey that called the producers for Camille to pursue the reality show. In hindsight we realize this allowed his wife a distraction from his affair.

#11. Taylor Comments On How Expensive Her Daughter’s Birthday Party Really Was

It was no surprise that the birthday party for Taylor’s daughter was over the top. What was surprising was that the party was the biggest expense for the housewife that year. But that’s Beverly Hills, so that’s ok….right?

…. What Do You Think?

That concludes the list of some of the most interesting things we learned from an uncensored look back at season 1 of RHOBH. What are some of the most interesting things you thought should make the list?

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