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11 Reasons Lisa Vanderpump Should Quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 is over, but the drama continues to unfold, especially concerning Lisa Vanderpump. As a matter of fact, she’s not even sure if she’s going to return for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and we’ve compiled a list of reasons below that pinpoint why she probably shouldn’t.

#1: Lisa Rinna Doesn’t Like Her

Lisa Rinna is extremely vocal about Lisa Vanderpump and her disdain for her. Even though the show is now over, Lisa Rinna hasn’t stopped her attack on LVP, as she’s taken to Twitter to now make fun of her. Check it out:

#2: Eileen Davidson Called Her Out

Eileen Davidson called Lisa out for being a “manipulator,” and for not apologizing.

#3: Brandi Glanville’s Video Message

Brandi Glanville isn’t even a part of the show anymore, but that didn’t stop her from being featured on the final part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion episode in the form of a recorded video. While the video played, the current housewives were forced to watch as Brandi Glanville shared her opinion on the whole season and the cast of the show, all while drinking a glass of wine. As you can imagine, most of Glanville’s video was geared towards her hatred for Lisa Vanderpump, and used it as a stage to tear down Lisa mentally.

#4: The Topic of Abuse That Came Up

LVP announced that she was a victim of abuse when she was 19-years-old, but it’s a topic she never discusses, and usually keeps to herself about it, hence why we’re just now hearing about it. After her refusal to elaborate on her past, everyone grew upset with her for not sharing.

#5: She Still Has Vanderpump Rules

Even if she leaves The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’d still be a cast member, and ring leader of Vanderpump Rules. Heck, the show’s even named after her!

#6: All the Drama

A lot of this season’s drama was centered around Lisa Vanderpump. Seriously, all that drama can’t be good for you.

#7: #ApologizeGate

It seemed like the whole reunion was about getting LVP to apologize to virtually everyone.

#8: She Has to Apologize for Ken?

Everyone was wanting Lisa to apologize on behalf of her husband, Ken Todd, and she refused.

And we have to ask: What else would you expect? Lisa and Ken go together like peanut butter and jelly. They always have each other’s backs, no matter what.

#9: The Stress Of It All

The stress of everyone seemingly ganging up on her has to wreak havoc on her mind. Imagine how much easier it would be if she just … didn’t.

#10: Erika Girardi Called Her A Sniper

Erika Girardi A.K.A. Erika Jayne even joined in with everyone else on LVP, saying that Lisa is like a “sniper from the side.”

#11: The 3rd Part of the Reunion Was Practically Geared Towards LVP

A lot of people complain that season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was extremely boring, and that’s why it came as such a shock to most people that there was a three part reunion. I mean, how could they possibly talk about such a “boring” season enough to fill up three parts?

Simple: Gear it towards everyone hating on Lisa Vanderpump.

Seriously, the concluding episode of the reunion was practically a whole show dedicated to everyone ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump.

If you were Lisa Vanderpump, would you come back for season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • AFarceIsAFarceOfCarseOfCarse

    No, I would not return. Yolanda’s jealousy almost cost LVP a very important and close friend in Mohamed, and certainly did cost her a long-time friendship with Rinna, although that friendship was only as solid as Eileen would allow. Those are sacrifices that would mean more to me than enduring another season with such hateful people.

    • Johanna Diaz

      Hateful people and a season not worth watching

  • Johanna Diaz

    These don’t sound like reasons at all. The other housewives are so unpopular their opinions don’t count

  • Jess Lzingerpolzin

    Nooooooooo! LVP can’t quit! She’s one of the best! She’s funny, smart, and yes, a bit manipulative, but that’s why she’s so good for the show. If they can take one whole part of a reunion show practically dedicated to Lisa VP she’s worth her weight in gold! I do think however that the show should try to stop trying to portray her as the mother hen…that works on Vanderpump Rules cuz the cast is younger, but let’s let Lisa be part of the 50 somethings on RHOBH and play with everyone else. As to the Ken and Lisa alliance, I think it’s a beautiful thing…they’re married for God’s sake and SHOULD have each other’s backs. Also, if Lisa doesn’t want to talk about the abuse she suffered much younger in life she shouldn’t be forced to. Somethings can remain private, even on a reality show. And people don’t automatically get the right to know just because they’re cast-mates! KEEP LISA Vanderpump!!

  • Laura Champlain

    Lisa is a staple to the show,it will not be the same if she’s not on won’t be as good that’s for sure!

  • MaryAnne Tillman

    RHOBH lost 1/2 million viewers from reunions 1 to 3, because of viewers disgust for the 4 bullies, Sicklonda, who claims her “brain swells”. She would be in ICU, critical, on vent,steroids, induced coma, if that were true. Erika ( the middle aged bedazzled cat suit, pat a puss, who abandoned her son when he was 3 yrs old. The poor kid never even went to his mom’s wedding or came to live in her mansion with Tom.) Erika Jayne, didn’t even mention mother’s day this year. What, no card, Cu..y? Lipsa, the depends women, who admits she will do anything for money, and MeanLeen, who had to literally tear Vince away from his knockout, gorgeous, wife, Betsy Russell by using the old trick of getting knocked up.. ED was 8 months pregnant.,when she walked up the aisle,
    LisaVP doesn’t need any of them, Andy or Bravo.
    By not questioning Yolonda’s lack of diagnosis, crazy treatments before& after her illness, sheep blood cells injections before for anti-aging. “Brain Inflammation”, called encephalitis – also can be fatal. You would be in ICU? “2 foot parasite” “Perfect hormone butt plug” Stem cells for Lyme Disease in Korea? All the crazy machines? An ex stripper as her “Health Advocate” No RN could work for her, without loosing their license. All this nonsense, Bravo puts out as truth, because no one dare question Saintt Yolonda, This is dangerous to viewers, particularly,.those who are depressed, have a legitimate health problem & may need medical treatment, or just want attention, some may believe they have ‘Swollen Brains. etc” Lyme without a diagnosis and seek out these quack treatments Yolonda advocates. Yolonda has been jealous of LisaVP since she came on that show. This year, she has Erika doing her dirty work, convincing Eileen ( a really nasty women) & Rinna to cooperate.
    Take yourself, Pump & go to another network, Lisa. You will be fine. Bravo won’t.

  • Kitty Kisses (TICA )

    come back with a nbig raised and someone else being the taaraget next season

  • prjacqui

    If LVP goes, there really is nothing to watch. The rest of them are a snoring bore!

  • Michael

    LVP really doesn’t bring anything to the show and her only storyline is playing the victim all the time. I don’t see a need for her. The show is getting old and tired with or without her, as are most of the Housewives franchises.