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100 Days of Summer Season 2?

100 days of summer season 2

4/8 UPDATE: 100 Days of Summer did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today. This series is presumed cancelled. 

100 Days of Summer was among several new shows that Bravo premiered in early 2014. The series chronicled the personal, professional, and social lives of six friends living in Chicago. Apparently, summers in Chicago are both totally awesome and 100 days long…hence the name and premise. Season 1 of 100 Days of Summer wrapped in late February after an 8-episode run. So now, as the midwest begins to thaw out after a long winter, the question is: will Bravo cameras be following this group of friends for another Chicago summer? My guess…almost definitely not. Unfortunately for fans of the new series, 100 Days of Summer will most likely not be returning for a second season.

If you’re reading this chances are you were, indeed, a fan of the show and are checking around the internets to figure out if/when Jay, Phillips, Pascale, Ray, Tara, & Vincent will be returning to your nearest Bravo screen. I always hate to burst any Bravo Watcher’s bubble, but here’s why I think 100 Days of Summer Season 2 is highly unlikely:

Lack of ratings success. 100 Days of Summer rounded out it’s freshman season average at 575,500 viewers per episode. This ranks 100 Days higher than Toned Up at 531,750, but not quite as high as Courtney Loves Dallas’s 625,125. My personal preference toward Toned Up notwithstanding, none of these numbers are likely to be high enough to convince Bravo of Season 2 potential. How do we know this? So far, the lowest rated freshman series that Bravo aired last year that we have confirmation of renewal for is Newlyweds: The First year, and their season average was 1,042,125. Yeah…let those numbers sink in.

Ratings are really the biggest reason I can’t see 100 Days of Summer being picked up for Season 2 but there were a couple of other hints as well, if you look closely. First of all, according to Pascale Wellin, Season 1 was filmed 2 summers ago. That means that if Bravo were to green light Season 2 and film this summer, there would have been a full two years between seasons. Everyone’s lives are likely to be very different at this point and it would be difficult for viewers to fill in the gaps. In fact, we already know that everyone is at a totally different place now than they were when the show was filmed. Remember how at the end of the finale episode Bravo flashed through the cast with updates about what they are up to now? Vince and his girlfriend had a baby, Ray and Hamida broke up, Tara did finally get engaged….etc. I think the fact that Bravo shared all this info with us is a pretty big hint that they have no intentions of picking back up with this cast. Why spoil what big changes everyone has had if Season 2 were in the works? I’d bet they’d save that kind of news for a massive Season 2 teaser trailer. And, how could they really do a show about high-school style drama between a group of 20 & 30-something singles when they’re now getting married and having babies? Season 2 would be a totally different show. So, unless Bravo decides to use some/all of the same cast for a totally different show about life in Chicago, I can’t see how we’ll be seeing anymore of these guys on Bravo anytime soon.

100 days of summer pascaleThe only exception I could see would be a potential spinoff about one cast member’s life in particular. My pick would be Pascale for her own show. She’s beautiful, designs cool, modern jewelry with her cool, artsy mom, and might actually have an interesting dating life (unlike Courtney Kerr’s hyped up reunion with Matt Nordgren on Courtney Loves Dallas). And, I’m guessing she’d be on board. When asked if there is any news on 100 Days of Summer Season 2 yet and whether she’d be interested in doing it again she had this to say: “No news yet, but I can say hands down now that I would be 100% interested in filming another season.”

Ray and Pascale both chimed in when I tweeted them about this possibility!

So, what do you think? Were you hoping 100 Days of Summer would be back for Season 2? Would you watch a spinoff about Pascale or any of the other cast members? Or, are we better off bidding farewell to this group altogether?

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  • Hannah Decaille

    Would love for Bravo to shoot season 2, 100 days of summer. I really got into the shown. The blond with the dog attire should be replace. Love everybody else.