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10 Reasons Why There Should Be A Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 2

A ton of rumors have been swirling around about Bravo’s latest housewives show: The Real Housewives of Dallas. A lot of people speculate that the new show is only going to last a single season, because it’s had a very lackluster run as far as ratings are concerned. People are also saying that it doesn’t fit Bravo’s housewives formula, and they’re finding it hard to connect with the ladies on the show.

However, we think it would be a shame if the show was canceled after only a single season, and we’ve listed out some reasons as to why we feel this way.

1. This show wasn’t originally meant to be The Real Housewives of Dallas.

the real housewives of dallas

I know it sounds crazy as all hell, but it’s the truth. Originally, what is now known as The Real Housewives of Dallas, was a totally different reality show that focused on ladies being involved in charity work. That’s why a ton of the stuff you see on the show is charity related. Bravo basically purchased the show, and rebranded it as what we now know as The Real Housewives of Dallas. A second season will follow the typical Housewives formula, and I think it will give us a better product.

2. It’s brand new.

everythings bigger in dallas

It really sucks when a show ends after a single season, especially when it’s a reality show. Just like when you meet someone new in real life. It takes time to figure them out, and build a relationship with them. We’ve only had a few episodes with these girls, and I already feel as if they’re growing on me. I think the longer they’re around, the more people will begin to like these ladies.

3. It wouldn’t be fair to the ladies.

the real housewives of dallas fair

I think we need to see more of these gals, before we dismiss them as another failed series attempt by Bravo.

4. LeeAnne Locken is a ticking time bomb.

leeanne locken ticking time bomb

Let’s face it! For those of you out there that like drama, LeeAnne makes for one hell of a villain. The longer she sticks around, the more hilarious gifs we’ll have access to, because of her temper.

5. Brandi Redmond is FUN!

brandi redmond fun

Brandi is fun to watch because she is still a little kid. Plus, her marriage is doomed and you kinda REALLY feel bad for her because her absent husband has zero communication skills. Brandi shouldn’t be dancing on male strippers but she was a professional dancer – it’s what she did. It wasn’t about the dudes. It was about her need for attention. We want to see more of her fun-spirited self, and we also want to see her relationships improve.

6. Tiffany’s Husband

tiffany hendra husband

Tiffany Hendra has a Keith Urban lookalike for a husband. ‘Nuff said!

Okay, plus she’s probably going to be LeeAnne’s only friend for awhile…

7. It’s getting better.

brandi redmond getting better

The show gets better with every single episode. This is probably due to the ladies coming into their own, and we’re starting to figure them out a little bit better.

8. We haven’t had a vacation yet.

rhod oh gif

Once again, since this is a rebranded show and we’re missing the Housewives formula, we haven’t had a vacation this season. We all know that vacations provide us with some of the best housewives moments, and we want to see them all go on a trip together. Just another reason as to why we need another season…

9. The ladies will hang out more on a season 2.

Once again, we have another problem, because we’re missing the housewives formula. The ladies just don’t seem like a close group of friends. Instead, we get the same cliques hanging out with each other over and over. A season 2 would definitely offer us some diversity.

10. The show started off universally hated.

The show started off being universally hated on the Internet. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people just didn’t give the show a chance, and it’s hard to rebound after people have made up their first impressions. Now, if you notice, a lot of people are starting to engage in more conversation about the show. I think now that people are beginning to warm up; a season 2 would open up to a more receptive audience.

So, what do you think? Should there be a Real Housewives of Dallas season 2? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • cara773

    I’m all in for a REVAMPED Season 2! Let’s be real… Dallas is *tailor-made* for a Real Housewives show! What a waste to throw away all that potential solely b/c the 1st season followed a lifeless/forced “charity show” format (and producers made that BIZARRE decision to run with a bodily-functions ‘storyline?’)
    The format never gave the women or the city a chance to shine. I say come back with a tweaked cast (add another HW who actually lives in DALLAS & also make Marie a full HW asap). Then revamp the heck out of the structure & and I KNOW they’ll have a winner!